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Music For The Gods
The Fahnestock South Sea Expedition : Indonesia

Music For The Gods

Regions : Eastern Java ; Madura - Bali
Label : Rykodisc, Salem MA

Series Endangered Music Project
Recording Bruce & Sheridan Fahnestock
Issue 1994, from 78 rpm
Number RCD 10315
Duration 52’36”
22 pages booklet in English

A number of 78 rpms containing gamelan music remained forgotten in an attic during more than forty years. The acetate coating of these discs was starting to fall off. It would have meant the annihilation of one of the rare aural testimonies of pre-2nd World War gamelan. In december 1986, the precious discs are given to the Library of Congress and are always part, today, of its archives. In the scope of the Endangered Music Project, these discs have been copied onto this compact disc.

From the very first track, the listener is sent back to the beginning of the 40's, inside a Balinese village, next to a gamelan full of delicacy, of love, of femininity. This first track represents 4’24” of joy and that goes on with the second. Among the compact disc's thirteen tracks, four are of this gamelan, a gong semar pegulingan.









1. Tabuh Gari 4’24” gong semar pegulingan   Teges, Bali   1941
2. Sekar Ginotan 4’32”    
3. Pedat 3’11” tongtong (seléndro)   Madura   June 3, 1941
4. Gendéran 4’16” gong kebyar   Ubud, Bali   1941
5. Tulang Lidung 3’47” gendér wayang    
6. Not mentioned 1’35” keréjing solo   Arjasa, Kangéan islands   June 5, 1941
7. Lagu Dindang 4’46” sandur (seléndro)   Waru, Madura   June 3, 1941
8. Merak Ngelo 4’12” gong semar pegulingan   Teges, Bali   1941
9. Gambang 4’16” gong kebyar   Ubud, Bali  
10. Not mentioned 5’27” kècak   south Bali  
11. Abimañu 3’29” gendér wayang   Ubud, Bali  
12. Gambangan 3’16” gong semar pegulingan   Teges, Bali  
13. Dandang Gendis 5’18” mamaca (pèlog)   Sumenep, Madura   June 3, 1941

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