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This is not a Homepage but a site covering a particular subject : gamelan (the Indonesian ensemble and its music). While most studies specialize on either central Java, Sunda or Bali, we try in this Website to have a broader outlook showing what logically connects these regions and what makes a region special within the general tradition. It is true that a lifetime study would not cover even one of these regions. But in a way this can also be an argument for not eternally isolating ourselves from other areas that are relevant to the gamelan tradition. This site will try to encompass well-known forms as well as less known ones, bearing in mind that well-known doesn't necessarily imply relevant as regards esthetics, quality or value.

Views and opinions, including criticisms, may be expressed in this site. They don't necessarily tend to be politically correct, which differentiates it from most other neutral sites or works on the same subject.

Most contents can be considered as archived information, designed for reference. Indeed, this Website's goal is to be a guide, a tool, to place resources at the surfer's disposal. But more interactivity will be developed.

Started in JAN 1998. The site gets more and more in-depth and reaching details as construction is carrying on. But all is done with no hurry, very slowly. English and French are the current languages but Malay will be a nice addition. No commerce, no commercials. No plug-ins, no heavy or latest-styled code.

Targeted audience

Aimed at both specialists and general public.

Aimed at both juniors and seniors.

Audience is international but a section of the site is aimed also to an audience localized to French-speaking Switzerland.

Site useful to

  • music academies
  • universities
  • schools (grades 3-12, middle, high)
  • museums
  • libraries & record libraries
  • associations & organizations touching Indonesia or music
  • tourist organizations
  • musicians
  • sociologists
  • journalists
  • educators
  • all interested or curious individuals.

Possible categories

  • Music > Genres > Gamelan
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  • Traditional Music
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