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Musical Instruments of Indonesia
an introductory handbook

Musical Instruments of Indonesia
Series no
Author Margaret Joy Kartomi
1st publication Indonesian Arts Society, Melbourne, 1985
ISBN 0-9589225-00
Price SG$ 16.80
60 pages, paperback
21,1 cm × 22,8 cm
Illustrations : 42 b&w, 9 color
Bibliography & discography

In the foreword, Hugh O'Neill, president of the Indonesian Arts Society, talks briefly about the gamelan Digul and the exhibition in which it is shown, as well as other related themes. The exhibition and it's book, the present one, mark the Society's tenth year.

In the next section, M. Kartomi introduces us to the musical instruments of Indonesia according to historical periods of the archipelago. We can see that not all instruments are for gamelans, and that non-indigenous musical traditions arrived in the country with Islam and European culture forming thus "strata" (her own word) in the music of Indonesia. The introduction is followed by a select bibliography and discography.

The following section, from p. 23 to p. 59, is a list of instruments, with description and name of who loaned it. There are 158 entries, arranged alphabetically, starting with "angklung" and finishing on "uyup-uyup sordam (sordam buluh)". The book ends with a short text about the exhibition.


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