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A Guide to the Gamelan

A Guide to the Gamelan
Series no
Author Neil Sorrell
1st publication Faber and Faber, London, 1990
ISBN 0-571-14404-7
Price  8.99
154 pages, paperback
13.6 cm × 21.5 cm
Illustrations : 20 b&w, 1 color
Table of contents
Other format :  ISBN 0-571-14401-2 hardback

After the Javanese Gamelan of Jennifer Lindsay (1979), this book is the second on the tradition of Java's center. The edition is visually less attractive than J. Lindsay's book : the format is hardly larger, the pages are recycled paper, the visual content is more sober.

But this book is more scientific, it's textual content is more substantial, and the musical examples have a greater importance. If J. Lindsay's book suits the reader who is discovering this music, the present book lends itself well to a more in-depth study. It can be useful to musicians starting the practise of this genre of gamelan.


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